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S-Type Load Cell


  • Capacities: Aluminum construction—1, 2, 5, 10, 20 kg; Alloy Steel construction— 25 to 5000 kg, 250 to 40k lbs
  • Bi-direction (tension/compression)
  • Rationalized output
  • NTEP Class III 5000S, lllL10000 approval from 250 lbs to 20k lbs
  • Optional ❍❍Stainless steel available ❍❍FM approval available
  • Electro-mechanical conversion scales
  • Silo/hopper/tank weighing
  • Crane scales
  • Fork-lift scales
  • Dosing/filling
  • Universal material tester
  • Tensile/pulling force measurement

The S-type load cell, as the name indicates, can be easily
identified by S-shaped body. They can be loaded either
in tension or compression, and used for single or
multiple-cell application if the output is rationalized.
STC is made of Aluminum, Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel,
sealed to IP67 providing excellent protection against
moisture and humidity.