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T-End Foot, Ball-In-Cup, and Rod End Bearings


  • T-END FOOT ❍❍Self-leveling ❍❍Low profile ❍❍Stainless steel ❍❍Anti-vibration ❍❍Easy installation
  • BALL-IN-CUP ❍❍Hopper weighing ❍❍Self-aligning ❍❍Reduces side load effects ❍❍Complements load cell ❍❍Stainless steel option
  • ROD END BEARINGS ❍❍Self-aligning ❍❍High grade steel ❍❍Brass or bronze insert ❍❍Stainless steel option ❍❍Metric and imperial sizes
  • T-END MOUNTING FEET Tedea-Huntleigh T-End Mounting Feet are ideal for platform use where a number of load cells are used together. The stainless steel construction with the inert rubber foot makes the assembly impervious to most industrial chemicals and ideal for harsh environments. A food grade rubber option is also available. They must be used with the appropriate load cells, which are current matched and specially machined to accept T-End accessories. It is recommended to order load cells and T-End Mounting Feet together.
  • BALL-IN-CUP Tedea-Huntleigh Ball-in-Cup arrangement is a useful addition to the Model 355 load cell. It provides a flexible joint to permit limited movement of a silo due to external factors, such as temperature fluctuations. Base plate, mounting plate, and bolts are optional extras. A low cost accessory which could easily be adapted to form a pivot point to work in conjunction with the 355 CellMate™, for less demanding applications.
  • ROD END BEARINGS Tedea-Huntleigh offers a selection of rod end bearings to complement the Model 601, 616, and 620 load cells. These fittings permit the suspension of tension load cells for numerous applications. Offered in both metric and imperial sizes, many are available ex-stock.
  • Tedea-Huntleigh strongly recommends that an additional suspension line is provided in parallel to the load cell, when safety is paramount.

NOTA: Este tipo de báscula se fabrica dependiendo de la necesidad de nuestros clientes en lo que se refiere a medidas, capacidades y es adaptable a cualquier tipo de indicador.